Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Flea and Tick Spray Made Me Happy With My Dog Again

Have you considered using flea and tick spray on your dog or cat but hesitated because you didn't want to pay for the medication, you weren't sure it was safe for your pet or your family, or maybe you just didn't know if you needed it in your area, for your pet.

Well, trust me... a good flea and tick spray (or flea drops, which are a little easier to use) can be a very good investment.

There's nothing like sitting around on the couch with your dog, enjoying some snacks and a movie when you reach over to pet her and notice creepy-crawly fleas scurrying along her skin. If that doesn't get you reaching for Advantage flea drops or Frontline Plus flea and tick spray, I don't know what will!

In fact, this happened to me with my guide dog puppy, Kera. I asked our local Guide Dog Program coordinators what I should do, and they recommended Frontline Plus for dogs.

We used it and it worked right away.

You get a little vial of the medication and you just put a few drops along the dogs backbone and it spreads over the body, and is retained in the skin, where it is effective for a month.

This was super. After that I didn't worry about taking Kera to the park, or on long walks through the woods.

We still checked her out to make sure there were no ticks hiding, but we didn't see any. After a while, my husband and I were more worried about the ticks getting on us than on our dog.

So, we were using flea and tick spray, and it seemed easy. Kera was happy and felt good, and my husband and I didn't have to get the itches (imaginary or otherwise) when we sat down to enjoy her company.

Emily J. Cressey enjoys tromping through the woods, jumping in the river, snuggling in a warm sleeping bag and sipping hot coffee at sunrise - preferably with a dog by her side.

By Emily J. Cressey

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