Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frontline Flea and Tick Treatments

Frontline flea and tick treatments will keep our pets clear of these menaces as long as we use it when we should. Deciding how often to apply Frontline really depends on the area we live in. For some of us it will mean we will apply Frontline medicine as often as the directions allow. This means monthly but not more often than that.

You should never apply more than once a month no matter how severe the problem. If you do get regular occurrences of fleas or ticks then applying all year round is what is recommended. If the fleas and ticks are only a problem for a part of the year then try only applying for a month or so either side of the worst months of the year. This will save money but ensure that your pets are still protected against these problem parasites.

If you do decide to only apply for a part of the year then keep a close eye on your pets. At the first sign of any problems then use the Frontline as directed and continue monthly applications until the problem time of the year is over. I find that quite often, even at the worst times of the year an application every five to six weeks is enough to keep the animals free of ticks and fleas. Frontline flea and tick treatments are very effective but never use more often than once a month. You will often find that even this is too often, and can apply less frequently even at the worst times of the year.

Frontline Flea And Tick Treatment should be used year round in many areas. See Frontline flea treatments [] for more information.

By Dave Tee

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