Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frontline Flea and Tick Treatment Explored

There is little doubt that most dog owners have heard of Frontline flea and tick treatment, but how well does it really work? I have a lot of experience with dogs and trying to treat them for ticks and fleas and I shall now tell you of my experiences.

Without any treatment my dogs will very quickly have ticks and fleas. Ticks, especially, are horrible to have to remove by hand but it is necessary if I am not using any form of treatment against them. It is a regular occurrence and has to be done. Now, if I use Frontline there is a marked difference. From ticks being a real problem I absolutely do not have any worries at all. It eliminates them all within a day and the animals are all parasite free. It works very fast at getting rid of them but what is even more important is that it stops them from returning for at least a month.

I have always found that it works effectively for about a month and then I have to treat the animals again. This is probably because we live in an area where ticks are very prevalent. In areas where they are not such a problem it should work for much longer. To be sure though, apply Frontline flea and tick treatment every month and your Dogs will stay parasite free. It works within the day and really is one of the best options to keep animals parasite free. It really is very effective indeed and stops having to do the horrible job of removing them by hand. There really is nothing worse.

By Paul Rajesh

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